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Feel free to send me a direct message on Telegram or Text me or contact me on Facebook.

Telegram: @Cmdr_Homer

[+31] 06 20 64 80 70 

I removed my email because of the amount of spam coming from SEO Sellers!


AAdf, ACE Winches, Antwerpen Camerata, Assembly Organizing, Birdie LAN, Dialogos AB, Deathchant Records, DreamHack, E-Events, ESEN, Frag O Matic, Knock News, Gymnasiecupen, Gillian Walker, Handelskammaren, Hong Kong Violence, LANPortal, Niels Torp Arkitekter AS, SERECO AB, SESF, Goodgame, Varbergs Kommun, NESCOL, RGU, IAFT, GBG-ESports, Point of View International, PRSPCT, Revision Demoparty

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